All posts in Vol.09 Issue 03 – ’15

Redefining The Organisation

‘Robber Baron’ or ‘Robin Hood’? Dan Pontefract argues that some, if not many, organisations have forgotten what they once stood for. It is time, he says, to review, refocus, recreate […]

The Past Is Not The Future

Business schools – and the businesses they serve – need to discover a “second curve” if they are to survive and prosper. By Charles Handy When I last spoke to […]

What Does It Mean To Be An “African” Business School?

Piet Naudé describes how a rethink of African business schools could impact global business education. A business school that happens to be located in Africa has to ask a few […]


Kenneth W Freeman and Howard Thomas outline some of the crowdsourced ideas about the future of business schools and other institutions that emerged from the first Business Education Jam. For […]

Why Tomorrow’s HR Professionals Must Reinvent Their Role

It is time for human development specialists to re-examine their function and take a global and historical perspective in thinking about how to deal with human development challenges. By Bob […]

Bringing Business Schools Into The STEM Era

Johan Roos argues that today’s business students must be given a grounding in science disciplines if they are to prosper in a world increasingly driven by science and technology. Science, […]

Getting “Behaviourally Fit”

In a world full of smart business professionals, says Lee Newman, the quality of behaviour is what distinguishes the most successful. Take two equally intelligent, well-educated professionals with similar years […]

Is Business Education A Good Preparation For A Business Career?

Tanya Bondarouk and Ivar Dorst detail their study for the University of Twente in the Netherlands of how business leaderssee the role of business education. Improving the link between business […]

SKEMA: The Story Of A Merger

Alice Guilhon describes how two leading French business schools realised their ambitions by merging with each other. Although mergers are common in business, they are far from typical in the […]

Business And Management Education For The Future: An Emergent Model for China

The need for renewed approaches to business and management research and teaching has been intensively discussed. Dajian Zhu and Anders Aspling analyse the implications of this for management education in […]

Building Leaders Through International Development

Matthew Farmer sheds new insights on how skills-based volunteering overseas can help build tomorrow’s global leaders. “Tell me and I will forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me […]

Building Trust Is The Toughest Leadership Challenge

Confucius said that rulers need three resources: weapons, food and trust. The ruler who cannot have all three should give up weapons first, then food but should hold on to […]

Virtual Internships: What Is In It For Business Schools?

Mariet Vriens describes current research into virtual internships and their advantages and pitfalls. In 2009 the Media and Learning Department of the KU Leuven in Belgium began exploring the possibilities […]

Time To Say: “Je Suis Diversity”

Global migration has introduced us to new communities and new religious practises. Edwina Pio asks how we can best reconcile them. How we handle the challenges of today will determine […]

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