All posts in Vol.09 Issue 01 – ’15

Clouds of Change

Charles Handy, like Peter Drucker, has always sought to identify the ‘clouds of change’ threatening society. Here he identifies one such possible threat – the dysfunctional behaviour of our large […]

Harnessing the Power of the Digital Economy

Soumitra Dutta explains why business schools must take the lead in creating managers who can harness the power of business and technology to improve the world and how one school […]

Taking the Headache Out of Managing Part-time Faculty

Professor Francis has a headache; in fact a number of headaches. As Deputy Dean of Programmes in a well-credentialed business school, he manages a core of full-time faculty and a […]

Why Complete Leaders are Unfinished

David Dotlich explains why leaders who are ‘unfinished’ – adaptable, collegiate, and always ready and willing to learn – are the ones who will succeed in today’s complex and paradoxical […]

Eureka. The New Corporate MBA

Dan Pontefract demonstrates how true partnership between business and academia can create learning opportunities that benefit an organisation, its employees and the academic institution itself. Innovation is an interesting concept. […]

Diversity is Dead. Long Live Diversity!

An increasing number of pundits argue that the business school sector has entered a process of homogenisation – that diversity as we know it is dying a slow and inescapable […]

Mindfulness – The Antidote to Macho Leadership?

Most students love the buzzy, busy atmosphere of an MBA programme. But is it the right way to teach them the soft skills, particularly leadership, that employees say they want? […]

Reconnecting with the Business World

“Socially Responsible Scholarship”, Anne S Tsui suggests how business school scholars can overcome the growing criticism of irrelevant and self-serving research. For the past 25 years, business school research has […]

Learning, Development & Personal Growth

Alessandra Ginante argues that companies must do more to meet the personal needs and ambitions of their managers if they expect them to perform effectively. In today’s knowledge-based, complex and […]

Why Digital Generation Needs Communication Training

The ‘digital generation’ are roughly 30 or younger. As they arrive in a workplace dominated by the non-digital generation, one thing becomes clear, says Teresa Martini. They are challenged when […]

How Small Group Coaching Can Accelarate Leadership Development

Martine Van den Poel and Graham Ward describe the unique advantages of small group coaching in leadership development. Individual coaching for leadership development has slowly but surely made its way […]

The Socially Responsible Business School: Corporate Compromise or Competitive Advantage?

David Oglethorpe argues that business schools need to embrace social responsibility more enthusiastically than they have done so far. Last year’s EFMD publication Securing the Future of Management Education by […]

Fulfilling the Needs of Business Students

As the Asian economy develops and the environment changes, Alison Lloyd suggests there is a need to bring about a renewal of business education. Business schools are often criticised for […]

The Thoroughly Modern Doctorate

David Bogle highlights some of the key changes that have occurred in PhDs (and more that are to come) and their particular resonances to management and business education. Do we […]

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