All posts in Vol.08 Issue 02 – ’14

EFMD & Business: Making Real Progress in Sustainable Development

EFMD is proud to announce the publication of The Sustainable Business: Resource-Life Extension, the newest addition to its portfolio of sustainability based education and training materials. Available as a free […]

The Great Transformation

Richard Straub on why, with gigantic changes in society, managers will be of pivotal importance for shaping the future. We are at the beginning of a set of gigantic changes […]

WU’s New Campus Building the Future

A spectacular new campus reflects the venerable Viennese university’s commitment to the future says Eva Male. What should the university of the future look like? What tasks is a modern […]

Innovation in Action

John North and Anders Aspling detail the work of the first GRLI Management Education Innovation Cohort. In May 2013 a group of deans and directors of business schools and corporate […]

Uncertainty & the “Entrepreneurial Mindset”

How do you teach students to become entrepreneurs? Rickie Moore, who does just that, shares some ideas. An entrepreneurial revolution is sweeping the globe. It is reported that 90% of […]

Rethinking Enterprise

Philippe de Woot, in an article based on his latest book, argues that economic actions based on ethical and political dimensions are increasingly essential. If there is a key trend […]

Developing an International Brand

Most business schools will say they are international. Are they really? Andrew Crisp and Joanne Hession provide a checklist for both schools and potential students. The recent CarringtonCrisp major study […]

Quality Street – The Sweet Side of Accreditation

Gaining accreditation (and maintaining it) is a tough business. But Julie Perrin Halot and Rachael Weiss argue that it provides its own long-term rewards. The business school race for accreditations […]

Where & How for Exec Ed?

Jan Ginneberge analyses the results of an EFMD survey into the current and likely future state of executive education. This article focuses on the trends and positioning of the three […]

Error Management: Not just a wing and a prayer

Jan Hagen suggests that the aviation industry’s open approach to identifying and resolving errors could be applied to many other sectors. The financial markets crisis began in 2007 and unfolded […]

Warm Memories of the Winter School

The EFMD(ESMU) HUMANE Winter School is designed to develop the leadership potential of senior administrators in business schools and universities. Nadine Burquel looks back at its first 12 years. When […]

How many business schools does it take to change the world?

Danielle Steele and Liane Weitert describe how six business schools from around the world have joined forces to make the idea of applied interaction a reality. In 2010, Dr Pierre […]

Innovation for Growth

Stefan Schepers explains how the High Level Group on Innovation Policy Management is designing a new approach for European innovation. The High Level Group on Innovation Policy Management (HLG), a […]

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