All posts in Vol.06 Issue 02 – ’12

Lessons from China

John Quelch discusses his first year as dean of CEIBS with George Bickerstaffe and Matthew Wood. In February 2012 John Quelch completed his first year as Dean of the China […]

New Horizons

Capitalism 2.0 – new horizons for managers Richard Straub in defence of a capitalism rejuvenated. The world has been shattered by a series of crises since the collapse of Lehman […]

Needed: Academic Triathletes

Santiago Iñiguez argues that what business schools need today is multi-faceted and well-rounded faculty. When the Olympic Games were founded in Ancient Greece sometime during the eighth century BC, the […]

Pressures to Conform

Peter McKiernan and David Wilson argue that business schools should stop copying each other and start rediscovering their diversity. Over the last 40 years, variety in business schools has diminished […]

Making Managers Fit for the Future

We have always needed leaders able to understand what the future may hold. It’s just that today we need them more than ever. Patrick Harris and Dr Rebecca Nash outline […]

One Giant Step to Collaboration and Innovation?

Business schools are increasingly looking to alliances to increase their strategic reach. Julie Perrin-Halot reports on one French attempt to break down the barriers between management and hard science. In […]

How Women can Navigate to Become Global Leaders

Fiona Dent and Viki Holton detail how organisations can help more women to become business leaders. It is clear to us from our own and others’ research that organisations and […]

Castles in the Sky or More Reality?

Wolfgang Lassl offers some thoughts on the relationship between business academia and managers. The 16th century marked the end of medieval castles. The power of gunpowder turned their walls into […]

The Business of Business Schools Investigated

Eric Cornuel assesses the results and implications of the EFMD’s first research conference. An increasing understanding of our institutions and our industry confirms how vital leadership, change and innovation are […]

Milan Mumbai Fusion

In July SDA Bocconi, the leading Italian business school, will open a new school in Mumbai, India. Stefano Caselli explains how the partnership to create the school came about and […]

High Impact: Improving the Impact of Corporate Education Programmes

Employee training and development is essential. But how can companies ensure it is effective and worthwhile? Lindsay Ryan provides some guidelines. Most organisations realise they need to spend money on […]

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