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Creating value: Value co-creation and value destruction

Greater understanding of value, together with today’s big data analytics, gives companies the potential to put value creation at the core of their business. By Peter Stokes, Gautam Mahajan, Gerardus JM Lucas and Paul Hughes Historically, value has been understood largely in economic terms centred on, for example, notions of price, cost, profits and shareholder wealth. However, contemporary understandings of value also…

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In conversation with the Dalai Lama

In this edited extract adapted from his new book, Business as an Instrument for Societal Change: In Conversation with the Dalai Lama, Sander Tideman discusses the idea of Bodhisattva leadership and looks at how ancient ideas can be translated to meet the needs of modern-day business “Leaders are not born or made, but cultivated and developed. The best way to develop…

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The ‘Holy Grail’: Educating for Values-Driven Leadership Across the Curriculum and giving voice to values

Mary Gentile explains how a new pedagogical model is helping to integrate values into the business education curriculum. For those business educators working in the field of values-driven leadership development, finding a way to integrate attention to values and ethics across the curriculum has long been the“Holy Grail”. Stand-alone, dedicated ethics and corporate responsibility courses…

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Values, Belief and Attitudes: The Implications for Organisational Culture

Are we really getting more spiritual? And is this affecting business culture? Chris Baker, Peter Stokes and Jessica Lichy suggest we may be – and it is. In the fields of business organisation and management much has been written and spoken about values and beliefs. However, we find ourselves entering a fresh and novel phase…

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Sustainable Value Delivery – Evidence is the Key

Every organisation wants to deliver value. But not all do. Andrew Kakabadse suggests that following the evidence is the success formula. Value delivery has been held as fundamental to the continued success of any corporation. The attention given to continuously enhancing product and service quality, ever-greater team work and collaboration, improved strategy creation, more focused…

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Mindfulness – The Antidote to Macho Leadership?

Most students love the buzzy, busy atmosphere of an MBA programme. But is it the right way to teach them the soft skills, particularly leadership, that employees say they want? Dianne Lynne Bevelander and David Bond suggest that ‘mindfulness’ courses may be the answer. Are business schools teaching leadership effectively? Some critics have argued that…

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