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Appropriate Civilisation versus the New Despotism

Jeremy Leggett takes a personal look at what needs to be done to avoid a potentially dangerous and depressing clash of philosophies Suddenly, believers in the possibility of a better civilisation, […]

Casting light in the shadows

Do not be lulled by today’s strong management education market, says Johan Roos. Business schools still need to find a grander vision of hope, change and community to counter emerging shadows Business […]

The Six Principles

Business schools and business itself are both facing a challenging future. But, suggests Dil Sidhu, there is much that business schools can learn from the business world in how to […]

Ask a Guru How to Build a Better Business School

What’s the formula for a great business school? Take some high-quality research, add in some exceptional faculty, mix with great international students and wrap in accreditation and rankings. If only […]

What Does Business Want from Business Schools?

Sir Richard Lambert suggests four key issues. What does business want from business schools? The answer is: “exactly what it has always wanted” – great graduates and relevant ideas. But […]

The Age of Uncertainty

The latest EFMD/CarringtonCrisp Tomorrow’s MBA survey shows an MBA marketplace that is more diverse, confused and uncertain than ever. Andrew Crisp reveals the details. Looking at my Twitter feeds one […]

The Business of Change

Business schools must change if they are to serve theirstudents and society well, says Garth Saloner, Dean of Stanford Graduate School of Business. Just over a year ago Stanford Graduate […]

What Alumni Want

Alumni can be a great resource to help a business school’s marketing messages. But, says Andrew Crisp, they must be properly motivated to do so. As a high-flying executive in […]

Challenges and Opportunities in the New Business Education World

Dominique Turpin analyses the issues and forces that are buffeting business schools. The world of business education is facing its biggest opportunities and challenges in history. Four major forces are […]

Major Disruption Ahead!

Ulrich Hommel and Christophe Lejeune discuss how technology could change the business model of business schools. Technology-enhanced learning (either in a blended or distance format) is making marked inroads in […]

Managing Complexity: an Idea Whose Time Has Come

Richard Straub explains why we now need to tackle the complexity of business. We may have different visions about thefuture. Few, however, would doubt that the world has become more […]

Business School Evolution: Media Insights and the Future Outlook

Gillian Goh, Michelle Lee and Howard Thomas examine the way the media has reported thebusiness school ‘industry’ over the past 20 years and what the future might hold. Over the […]

Liberal Education Key to Business Success

A new form of business education that links business competences with a grounding in liberal arts and sciences is essential argues a new book. John Johnson reports. The business world […]

The Future is Out There

Andrew Crisp reports on a major new study that explores the future challenges facing business schools. Turmoil is probably too strong a word but “uncertain” may not be strong enough […]

Business Schools Face the Future

Globalisation and technological developments are changing the business of business schools and presenting new opportunities to innovate, says Kai Peters. A plethora of challenges are impacting globally on the management […]

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