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Corporate learning for the digital world The global technological revolution is transforming business models and the way we think about management. Is the learning and development community ready to face […]

Is your business school fit for the world of AI?

The impact of technology, already hugely significant, is about to become even more intense. Prabhu Guptara asks if business schools are ready   In January 2018, I started a research […]

Gold for Experts: developing technology experts as leaders – Atos with University of Cambridge (IfM) and Paderborn University SICP

– SILVER WINNER OF THE 2018 EXCELLENCE IN PRACTICE AWARDS – How do you combine technical expertise with business acumen to create the best outcomes for customers… and in doing so, […]

The digital revolution in management education

Nowhere is the impact of digital technology more apparent – and important – than executive education custom programmes. Olga Alonso Pelegrín and Sergio Vasquez Bronfman investigate the implications, particularly the use of ‘blended’ […]

Developing world-class students in Peru

Percy Marquina Feldman outlines the innovative approach to using artificial intelligence to enhance the student experience at a business school in Peru Peru is one of Latin America’s top economic performers, classified as […]

Time for a digital detox?

Peter Thomson points out that our stressful work patterns are not caused by technology but by leaders who have allowed their organisations to develop unhealthy work patterns and are ignoring […]

The future is blended

Santiago Iniguez explains why business schools and corporations must accommodate the increasing role of technology in education Technology, in parallel with developments in cognitive psychology and education sciences, is producing a formidable […]

Time to think again

Creativity needs space and time to flourish, says Dan Pontefract. Being too busy harms this. Too often it gets lost in status quo thinking. We have to make the time […]

The power of dreams

Building a solar-powered car and racing it on a Belgian racetrack in just 90 days seems a strange task for young students. But, say Manuel Acevedo-Jaramillo, Sara Aguilar-Barrientos and Juan […]

Designing digital learning strategies

Business education has been slow to respond to the disruption (and opportunities) caused by technological innovation. Tony Sheehan provides some guidance on how it should act The past decade has […]

It’s the Technology, Stupid!

Business studies could help solve global challenges by tackling specific problems at the technology interface, says Gunther Friedl. In 2001, I heard about curious plans by the Technical University of […]

Unlikely Heroes

A 21st century publishing revolution? John Peters looks at the post-publication environment and its unlikely heroes. If we reflect on the publishing landmarks of the early 21st century so far, […]

Closing the Gap

Lin Squires and Elmar Husmann show the significant gap between the perception and reality of Open Education. Modern history contains many examples of industries that failed to see the signs […]

The Human Factor: The Emerging User Experience Discipline

William M. Gribbons explains why, increasingly, leading organisations demand a balance of the user perspective with the traditional focus on technology, and how business schools can fulfil this need. Thirteen […]

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