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Living with sustainability


Percy Marquina outlines how a leading business school in Peru embraced sustainability.   Peru is the fifth-top ranked country in entrepreneurial activity in the world according to the Global Entrepreneurship Report 2019. This level of entrepreneurship is nourished by the strong cultural roots and characteristics of its inhabitants, who are in a constant search for…

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A new B in B Schools


André Sobczak urges businesses schools to embrace sustainability.   In January 2019, Audencia Business School in Nantes, France, hosted a new years event of the association of responsible business leaders in Western France. More than 200 CEOS from local SMEs focused on the forthcoming French legal status for “companies with a mission” that is largely…

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Sustainable education


Antonia Lütgens describes how an education geared to sustainability is proving itself as sustainable.   Many business schools are now numbered among the 730 global signatories of the United Nations’ PRME initiative. PRME aims to raise the profile of sustainability – including equipping students around the globe with a deeper understanding and better-developed skills to…

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Positive learning on carbon neutrality


A leading Canadian school helps students to live their sustainable curriculum. By Simon Pek, Rick Cotton and Mackenzie Ford.   Growing a world-class, competitive business school and being a leader in sustainability may seem like two juxtaposed goals but the University of Victoria’s Peter B Gustavson School of Business, in Victoria, BC, has found a…

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Collaborate for success and sustainability

David Grayson explains the dramatic growth of the quantity and quality of business collaboration linked to sustainable development.   Sustainability is “the primary moral and economic imperative of the 21st century,” according to Mervyn King, a former governor of the Bank of England. It is also considered to be “one of the most important sources…

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Be conscious!

Launched in 2012 by Ben Emmens and Abi Green, the Conscious Project has one clear aim: to help individuals and organisations think about what they are doing, and do it better or, in other words, to be more conscious.   The Conscious Project works with organisations that seek to be more conscious, those who want…

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Building a human rights framework for business education

Businesses face an increasing range of human rights issues that can directly impact their core business strategies. But, argue Dorothée Baumann-Pauly and Michael Posner, business education needs to catch up with this emerging field At last year’s EFMD annual conference in Berlin, Germany, Paolo Boccardelli, dean of LUISS Business School and the conference co-chair, outlined 10 global trends that will have an…

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Facilitating responsible research

Michael Bisaccio explains how a new blacklist is making it harder for ‘predatory journals’ to hoax academics and others In June 2017, Cabells (see box page 55) launched the Journal Blacklist—a subscription based searchable database of “predatory journals”, with detailed reports listing specific violations for each journal—as a counterpart to the Whitelist, a database containing critical information on verified and reputable academic journals.…

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Responsible Research

Imagine a world in which business schools, management scholars and social scientists worldwide have transformed their research toward producing useful and credible knowledge that addresses problems important to business and society A Vision of Responsible Research for Better Business and a Better World (1) Imagine a future in 2030 where … Business and management schools worldwide are widely admired…

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Appropriate Civilisation versus the New Despotism

Jeremy Leggett takes a personal look at what needs to be done to avoid a potentially dangerous and depressing clash of philosophies Suddenly, believers in the possibility of a better civilisation, one rooted in increasing human co-operation and harmony, find ourselves in a world where demagogues appear able realistically to plot the polar opposite. In this…

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Sustainability-driven innovation

PhD programmes are under increasing pressure to train researchers who help to solve critical societal challenges. Sally Randles, Annemieke Roobeek, Sally Jeanrenaud and Simon Pickard propose that sustainability-driven innovation, a new model for collaborative PhD training and research, offers a valuable framework for inspiring new approaches Despite recent political turbulence in Europe, the US and elsewhere, the past 18…

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‘Inclusive growth and prosperity’ – for whom?

Instead of prosperity the last decade has delivered inequality, insecurity, and the rise of nationalism and populism. Simon Caulkin argues that this is a secular challenge that business, and especially managers, must face head on. Inclusive growth and prosperity, the theme for this year’s Global Peter Drucker Forum in November, sounds like the ultimate motherhood and apple pie.…

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Living in a new world

A New world order is slowly beginning to emerge around us. Matthew Gitsham, Joanne Lawrence and Martin Lockett look at some of the responses we will need to develop to deal with it In boardrooms from New York to London and around the world, the pursuit of shareholder value has been a mantra for decades.…

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Making the SUN shine on tourism

Geoffrey Lipman argues the case for Impact Travel I was planning to devote this article to the need that exists for a radical new approach to education and training in the dynamic and socio-economically important field of travel and tourism. The context was to be the agreement last year by the Finance, Sustainability and Climate Summits, finally creating a long-term road-map, with…

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Planting the Seeds of Change

Lea Stadtler and Gilbert Probst describe how the Ethiopia Commodity Exchange came into being and the lessons it holds. Complex societal challenges transcend the capacities of a single organisation and even those of a single sector. Such challenges call for innovative, collaborative approaches, require modifications in our management education systems and pose new research needs.…

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