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The rise of the MENA region: Succeeding in a ‘spiky’ world

The world is not so much flat as ‘spiky’. Wolfgang Amann, Laoucine Kerbache and Nadine Burquel argue that traversing the rough terrain of the MENA region requires a lot of local knowledge […]


Emerging economies need an effective entrepreneurial ecosystem that is government-enabled, youth-led, private sector-supported and future-oriented says Sherif Kamel Entrepreneurship has, over the last decade, dominated various societies, communities and markets in both developed and […]

Tradition & Transformation

Nehme Azoury explains how an historic Lebanese university has opted for a modern impact programme for its business school. In 1736, at a time when the idea of a young […]

Renewing Mediterranean Roots

Didier Jourdan and Nassim Belbaly explain how a new Mediterranean Schools of Management Consortium will strengthen the Mediterranean region. The competitiveness of the management education market in Europe, and especially […]

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