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Stepping into the role of the dean

Rolf D. Cremer describes EFMD’s innovative Strategic Leadership Programme for Deans   Stepping into the role of the dean Hardly anybody embarks on the long, difficult and actually quite risky path […]

Building a global presence

Julia Balogun describes how commitment and a successful partnership are helping a UK management school anchor and build its diverse online masters programmes The University of Liverpool and its partner […]

Making a management education partnership

Daniel Scheu and Sabine Kuschel explain how two very different business schools in two countries created a winning EMBA partnership From this year, the EQUIS-accredited Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences, University of […]

Designed to Connect

Michael Page and Roy Wiggins describe an innovative MBA programme aimed at answering the criticisms that have been made of the degree. In their book Rethinking the MBA: Business Education […]

From rankings to ratings

Over the past three decades business schools have undergone significant changes, due in part to the work of media ranking publications contend Robert S. Rubin, Eric C. Dierdorff, and Fredrick […]

The Age of Uncertainty

The latest EFMD/CarringtonCrisp Tomorrow’s MBA survey shows an MBA marketplace that is more diverse, confused and uncertain than ever. Andrew Crisp reveals the details. Looking at my Twitter feeds one […]

Being Different: Ashridge’s New MBA

Martin Lockett looks at the experience of redesigning Ashridge’s MBA programmes. In a global marketplace with around 150 EQUIS- and EPAS-accredited business schools offering MBAs and thousands of other MBA […]

The Social Contract with Business: Implications for the MBA

Jopie Coetzee outlines his ideas for what an MBA could look like in the future. In 1987 Peter Drucker said that business scholars and business leaders will take 50 years […]

Business School Evolution: Media Insights and the Future Outlook

Gillian Goh, Michelle Lee and Howard Thomas examine the way the media has reported thebusiness school ‘industry’ over the past 20 years and what the future might hold. Over the […]

Employers Still in Love with MBAs

Management education is increasingly valued by companies worldwide, according to the 2013 Corporate Recruiters Survey. Christophe Lejeune and Michelle Sparkman Renz report. There are huge risks to hiring someone without […]

The Disappearing Classroom

Michael Desiderio describes how new technology is knocking down the walls of the Executive MBA. Expectations of today’s business leaders are higher than ever, including the intense pressure to make […]

Transferring Western Management Knowledge to China

Mahmood Zaidi and Thomas Norman report on how team teaching and virtual international student teams have proved vital ingredients in a successful international EMBA. China’s recent economic performance has been […]

Eureka. The New Corporate MBA

Dan Pontefract demonstrates how true partnership between business and academia can create learning opportunities that benefit an organisation, its employees and the academic institution itself. Innovation is an interesting concept. […]

Mindfulness – The Antidote to Macho Leadership?

Most students love the buzzy, busy atmosphere of an MBA programme. But is it the right way to teach them the soft skills, particularly leadership, that employees say they want? […]

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