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Techno-Humanism: If algorithms make all the decisions, who is the leader?


At the EFMD Special Interest Group (SIG) “Innovation in Leadership” kick-off in March 2018, I called for our group to help innovate leadership in the context of rapid digital transformation and ambiguous globalisation.   A year later, the SIG facilitators, Nigel Paine and Roger Delves, note that the challenges faced by the 12 companies involved…

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Leadership as a System: circumventing the VUCA Vortex


  Economic prosperity and disruptive technology have long been intertwined in a generally positive – albeit tumultuous – relationship. Disruptive technologies such as the printing press, the steam-engine and the transistor were catalysts in creating discontinuities that brought both economic growth and human strife during their respective eras. Each one permanently altered the playing field…

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Discovery Journey: Innovation in Leadership Development


  Nokia is a giant among technology companies. Long past its phase as the world’s largest producer of mobile phones, it is now a technology company delivering end-to-end networks for the 5G era. It enables digitalisation and automation as well as being a heavy part of the roll-out of IoT (the Internet of Things). It…

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Professional development in a changing world

Ivana Marinkovic, Associate Director, EFMD Global Network Central and Eastern Europe Eric Cornuel, CEO and Director General, EFMD.   Today management education and development is about fostering purpose-led organisations that are driven by innovative, agile and responsible leaders ready to face the challenges of an uncertain and ever-changing future. Shaping the leaders of tomorrow is…

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Open positions: leaders for unsettled times

Ulrich Hommel, Director of Business School Development & Associate Director Quality Services, EFMD GN.   An overwhelming abundance of narratives by now suggests that the future of business schools (or universities for that matter) will not be like the past – not by any measure. The flood of concepts describing the drivers of change is…

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The Executive Academy

Steven A.Y. Poelmans, Professor of Neuroscience and Strategic Leadership, Antwerp Management School and EADA Business School & Jordi Diaz, Associate Dean of Programmes, EADA Business School.   The late Sumantra Goshal once pronounced the wise words: “You cannot manage third generation strategies with second generation organisations and first-generation managers”. First-generation organisations (1stG) that operate in a…

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Nurturing higher education leaders

Nadine Burquel, Director of Business School Services, EFMD & Ian Creagh, Strategy Consultant, HUMANE.   HUMANE, the Heads of University Management and Administration Network in Europe, is an international association whose aims are to build international networks, to foster innovation in higher education services and to advance professional excellence in higher education management. Since 1997 HUMANE…

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Achieving change in HE professional support

Professor Edward Byrne argues that professional services resources must be aligned and focused on meeting future strategic needs and describes how he has approached this issue at three world-class higher education institutes.   At King’s College London our core mission statement is “to make the world a better place”. A grand aim, indeed, and a…

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Beyond misogyny: Our pathologically mean leaders

The #MeToo movement has unleashed a maelstrom of reports of inappropriate sexual behaviour. But, says Mark Lipton, what he calls the “Mean Men” syndrome has been responsible for equal, and sometimes even worse, wrongdoings.   With the arrest of Harvey Weinstein and monthly firings of so many organisational leaders, we are witnessing a day of…

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Results Oriented

Pioneering the learning and leadership that meets the urgency of our times – Results from the GRLI Deans and Directors Cohort. Collated by John North and Claire Sommer.   To achieve the kind of world we consider human, some people had to dare to break the thrall of tradition. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Hungarian psychologist and author…

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The missing shifts

Saumya Sindhwani, Jerry Connor and Howard Thomas argue it is time to change the way we develop leaders – and tap into the power of mindset.    Every year hundreds of books are written on leadership; business schools turn out thousands of graduates; and businesses spend millions on leadership development. But are we focusing on…

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Stepping into the role of the dean

Rolf D. Cremer describes EFMD’s innovative Strategic Leadership Programme for Deans. Stepping into the role of the dean Hardly anybody embarks on the long, difficult and actually quite risky path of a career as a professor in order to become the dean of a business school. Few are prepared when it hits them. But it should…

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A new leadership lens to navigate complexity

Sharon Olivier, Viki Holton, Kerrie Fleming and Frederick Hölscher describe Ego, Eco and Intuitive leadership – three capabilities that managers can deploy to successfully navigate complex problems. When, according to the Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends report, 2018, 11,000 business and HR leaders tell us that future organisations will no longer be assessed only on…

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EFMD leadership programmes

Nadine Burquel provides a comprehensive guide to EFMD’s leading programmes for personal and professional development EFMD leadership programmes support business schools with organisational development and individual leaders and managers with personal and professional development. Of the programmes briefly covered in this article, three programmes specifically address professionals who are new to their jobs while three…

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Kindness in leadership

‘Kindness’ is seldom mentioned as a desirable leadership trait in MBA or executive programmes but it can have enormous benefits for organisations. Gay Haskins and Lalit Johri argue that it’s time we all became more kindly. In a global climate of increasing complexity, competition, intolerance and impatience, there has been a steady erosion of public…

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Forward-looking leadership development – Valmet and IMD

– GOLD WINNER OF THE 2018 EXCELLENCE IN PRACTICE AWARDS – In 2014, Valmet – a new organisation born out of a de-merger in the seemingly unsexy, unwanted industry of capital equipment and services for the pulp, paper and energy industries – sought to make the most of its leadership development programmes. How? By turning the…

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