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Preparing students for the world outside the classroom


Ishwar Puri and Leonard Waverman describe how a new programme at a top Canadian university breaks down academic barriers and allows students to pursue their interests across the campus in collaborative and experiential ways.   At Canada’s McMaster University, hundreds of undergraduate students are embarking on an educational adventure. As they pursue their core programmes…

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Positive learning on carbon neutrality


A leading Canadian school helps students to live their sustainable curriculum. By Simon Pek, Rick Cotton and Mackenzie Ford.   Growing a world-class, competitive business school and being a leader in sustainability may seem like two juxtaposed goals but the University of Victoria’s Peter B Gustavson School of Business, in Victoria, BC, has found a…

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The new realities of corporate learning

Martin Moehrle, Associate Director of Corporate Services, EFMD.   Corporate training departments were established in the early 20th century, at first to enable the workforce to masterwork processes to deliver quality products; then, later, as corporate learning functions, to pursue one or more of the following objectives: • Supporting individuals in improving their performance and…

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On the right track: Developing an innovative and evolving MBA curriculum

Ajoy Kumar Dey explains how the MBA curriculum is kept fresh and relevant at a leading Indian institution.   In their renowned article “How business schools lost their way” in the Harvard Business Review (May, 2005) the authors Warren Bennis and James O’Toole warned that business schools are on the wrong track. Even if the…

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The flat tyre of Open Thinking

Dan Pontefract chronicles a cautionary tale of a major US company that forgot its commitment to Open Thinking and paid a heavy price.   Good thinking is required by all of us if we wish to explore new landscapes or decide how to travel from point A to B. If your thinking style is closed —…

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Is your business school fit for the world of AI?

The impact of technology, already hugely significant, is about to become even more intense. Prabhu Guptara asks if business schools are ready. In January 2018, I started a research project to understand how business schools are responding to the new world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and to assess whether our graduates are really being prepared…

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Leadership at Telstra – Telstra and LIW

– GOLD WINNER OF THE 2018 EXCELLENCE IN PRACTICE AWARDS – To achieve its vision of becoming a world-class technology company that empowers people to connect, Telstra sought to redefine what leadership means within the company. Telstra is in the midst of a massive transformation with customer expectations, competitors and technology changing rapidly. As Telstra evolves…

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The journey to excellence – DSM and Vlerick Business School

– GOLD WINNER OF THE 2018 EXCELLENCE IN PRACTICE AWARDS – How building the capabilities of DSM’s marketing and sales teams creates successful growth. In 2010, Royal DSM embarked on a journey – one that would reposition it as a global life science and material sciences company. This shift from transactional chemical supplier to strategic partner…

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Digital learning: How to train for long-term impact

David Pontoppidan and David Everhart say that a solid understanding of the basics of learning is now in place and technological aids are increasingly available. Now is the time to put them together into blended learning journeys that deliver high and lasting impact Globally, the return on investment from e-learning is fading. In 2016, global revenues for self-paced e-learning reached…

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Stacking the odds

Stackable programmes and courses deliver flexibility and options to the market and allow universities to unlock their breadth of knowledge. Paul Kofman describes a quiet revolution Technological disruption affects every sector of the economy including education. From TEDx talks on YouTube to edX MOOCs and Udacity nanodegrees, the mode of delivery is increasingly online. Just as FinTech lowered the bar on…

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Is the public corporation obsolete in the US?

Excerpted and edited from The Vanishing American Corporation. By Gerald F. Davis Suppose you wanted to start an enterprise right now without leaving your couch. Is that possible? If you have internet access and a credit card, it is. Imagine a hypothetical product: the iPhone Remote Drone Assassin App. The app would allow users to control…

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Time to think again

Creativity needs space and time to flourish, says Dan Pontefract. Being too busy harms this. Too often it gets lost in status quo thinking. We have to make the time to rethink how we think Sweden’s Astrid Lindgren was a literary giant who changed the game of authoring. Through the introduction of an anti-authoritarian adventurer,…

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ePortfolios: what employers think

Kim Watty and Jade McKay explain the benefits – for both employers and business graduates – of ePortfolios, and what empolyers think of them  Graduate employers are seeking the best and brightest students who provide a strong “cultural fit” with their organisations. Solid grades are important but not critical for many employers. They are looking for evidence of well-developed generic/employability skills as…

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Making the SUN shine on tourism

Geoffrey Lipman argues the case for Impact Travel I was planning to devote this article to the need that exists for a radical new approach to education and training in the dynamic and socio-economically important field of travel and tourism. The context was to be the agreement last year by the Finance, Sustainability and Climate Summits, finally creating a long-term road-map, with…

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Designing digital learning strategies

Business education has been slow to respond to the disruption (and opportunities) caused by technological innovation. Tony Sheehan provides some guidance on how it should act The past decade has seen “digital disruption” everywhere. Firms such as Uber, Facebook, Google, Airbnb and Netflix have revolutionised their sectors. Business education has been far from immune MOOCs…

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