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Building Better Business Schools

The contemporary purpose of a business school is to develop and enhance the individual’s and the collective’s abilities to innovate. That means not merely creating, inventing, and imagining but also commercialising products and services and contributing to new theoretical knowledge. More speci cally, to achieve positive impact the role of business schools is to create…

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Making the Good Even Better

Johan Roos explains how Jönköping International Business School in Sweden is being reformed and reinvigorated. You are probably not very familiar with Jönköping International Business School (JIBS) or its Swedish name Internationella Handelshögskolan but our goal is that within five years you will be. Having become its Dean two years ago, I have been working…

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Progressive Teaching Ensures Business School Competitiveness

Teaching all too often receives a lower priority than research and funding. This is a strategic mistake, argues Torben Jensen, since better teaching is essential in order to future-proof business schools in the competition for accreditation, funds and talented students. At the School of Business and Social Sciences, a broad business school at Aarhus University…

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Defining the role of business schools

Baback Yazdani, Dean of Nottingham Business School, looks at how business schools across the globe might define their role. Today there are more than 12,000 known business schools across the globe, and the number is increasing every year. This is due to an increasing demand from the global student population, people at work who wish…

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Globalisation: Unfinished Business for Business Schools

Business schools have reacted loudly to the challenges of globalisation. But has their reaction been effective or appropriate? Hellmut Schütte is not so sure. Business schools have existed for over a century and have remained structurally unchanged since the shake-up of the 1950s following the Ford and Carnegie foundations reports into them. Today they are…

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