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Beyond misogyny: Our pathologically mean leaders

The #MeToo movement has unleashed a maelstrom of reports of inappropriate sexual behaviour. But, says Mark Lipton, what he calls the “Mean Men” syndrome has been responsible for equal, and sometimes even worse, wrongdoings.   With the arrest of Harvey Weinstein and monthly firings of so many organisational leaders, we are witnessing a day of…

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Working women: a path to success

Women have undoubtedly begun to make progress in their struggle for equality in career progression. But there is still a long way to go say Fiona Dent and Viki Holton. Here they offer women a number of practical tools, ideas and suggestions that will contribute to the management of their career success The past 10 years illustrate just how…

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Gender: Ms—ed opportunities for business schools?

Gender equity has been an issue in business schools (and many other places) for a long time. But Dianne Bevelander and Michael Page wonder why it has taken so long to address it and what the way forward might be Business, civic and political leaders have increasingly accepted the need for gender equity, both for reasons of justice and…

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How Women can Navigate to Become Global Leaders

Fiona Dent and Viki Holton detail how organisations can help more women to become business leaders. It is clear to us from our own and others’ research that organisations and senior teams within them increasingly recognise the importance of the role of women in business and, indeed, see it as a key business imperative. There…

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Mind the Gap

Research shows that the gender gap in faculty in European business schools is not closing. Lynn Roseberry suggests some reasons why and what can be done to improve it To say there is a gender gap among faculty at European business schools is an understatement. The average proportion of all full-time female faculty – not…

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