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A Matter of Trust

Fast-changing technology and some dubious business practices are eroding customer and public trust, especially in the finance sector. Paul Kofman suggests some remedies. Growing up in a small rural village, I remember that bankers were once held in high regard. The bank manager sat alongside the local GP, the police commissioner and the notary in…

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Risk Management Ante Portas

Ulrich Hommel and Anna Pastwa present the results of the EFMD Risk Management survey and argue that most business schools have just begun to look at this issue more seriously. The issue of risk is receiving increased attention in business schools. They have increasingly to rely on entrepreneurially generated funds to finance growth, to compensate…

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Risky Business? Do You Know What Your Risk Exposures Are?

Ulrich Hommel, Roger King, and Anna Pastwa open the debate on risk management in the business school community. As companies around the globe are bracing themselves for a recessionary fall-out from Europe’s sovereign debt crisis, business schools have also begun searching for ways to cushion the negative budgetary impact of such a downturn. A report…

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