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Where is management education going?


Management education leaders ask themselves this question every day. Dan LeClair cuts through the complexity to offer some insights and guidance.   “Describe the future of management education in 1,200 words or less.” Is this an exam question in some Clayton Christensen-esq seminar on disruptive innovation? Maybe. What we do know is that it is…

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Crafting a successful executive education programme


Harwin de Vries, Jens Meyer, Luk Van Wassenhove and Nana von Bernuth recount the difficulties involved in reorienting a flagship programme for senior executives.   Adults learn from situations of immediate relevance to them; from utilising their experience and problem-oriented learning rather than from content-oriented teaching. Based on these adult-learning principles, grounded in neuroscience, CEDEP,…

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The Executive Academy

Steven A.Y. Poelmans, Professor of Neuroscience and Strategic Leadership, Antwerp Management School and EADA Business School & Jordi Diaz, Associate Dean of Programmes, EADA Business School.   The late Sumantra Goshal once pronounced the wise words: “You cannot manage third generation strategies with second generation organisations and first-generation managers”. First-generation organisations (1stG) that operate in a…

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Learning for agility, with agility

How a leading Greek business school redesigned its executive programmes to reflect and respond to today’s rapidly changing environment. By Kostas Axarloglou and Marina Gryllaki.   In a disruptive and non-linear world, where the present is drastically different from the past, what is important or meaningful or valuable today will not be so tomorrow. Companies…

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A new leadership lens to navigate complexity

Sharon Olivier, Viki Holton, Kerrie Fleming and Frederick Hölscher describe Ego, Eco and Intuitive leadership – three capabilities that managers can deploy to successfully navigate complex problems. When, according to the Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends report, 2018, 11,000 business and HR leaders tell us that future organisations will no longer be assessed only on…

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EFMD leadership programmes

Nadine Burquel provides a comprehensive guide to EFMD’s leading programmes for personal and professional development EFMD leadership programmes support business schools with organisational development and individual leaders and managers with personal and professional development. Of the programmes briefly covered in this article, three programmes specifically address professionals who are new to their jobs while three…

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Beyond the trinity

For the past 50 years business schools have focused on teaching the unholy trinity of strategy, leadership and change. But Philip Glanfield, George Binney and Gerhard Wilke describe a case study that replaced the current orthodoxy with a different way of understanding organisations and those who work in them. It has become increasingly apparent that…

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Is this the end of strategy as we know it?

Strategy is changing rapidly in response to a volatile environment but, Martin Friesl argues, that is making it more important than ever A “fleet” metaphor is symptomatic of today’s corporate world. Gone are the days, it seems, of grand corporate strategies that aim to maximise synergies across businesses by painting a picture of coherence for shareholders…

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The journey to excellence – DSM and Vlerick Business School

– GOLD WINNER OF THE 2018 EXCELLENCE IN PRACTICE AWARDS – How building the capabilities of DSM’s marketing and sales teams creates successful growth. In 2010, Royal DSM embarked on a journey – one that would reposition it as a global life science and material sciences company. This shift from transactional chemical supplier to strategic partner…

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Keeping the customer satisfied

Mark Colgate describes how a business school and a small Canadian resort combined to create a world-class customer service training programme In the spectacular Coast Mountains two hours north of Vancouver, Canada, lies Whistler, host of the 2010 Winter Olympics and one of Canada’s favourite year-round resorts. Drawing visitors from around the world – up…

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Developing a ‘Growth Mindset’

As the EFMD Global Network’s Executive Academy welcomes its third cohort and prepares for its first stop in Asia, Jordi Diaz and Ulrich Hommel reflect on the achievements and learning points after one year of operation  “The participation of our colleague has benefited the entire school, thanks to the new ideas and projects he has…

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Empowering programme directors

EFMD Global Network will launch its Teaching & Learning Executive Academy in Spring 2017. Programme directors are invited to participate in an intense educational experience to further develop their leadership qualities and effectiveness. By Jordi Diaz and Ulrich Hommel EFMD Global Network’s Executive Academy puts participants on a development journey from “Leading without Authority” to “Leading with Impact”.…

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Three myths are weakening the development of executive learning, Winfried Ruigrok and Georg Gutmann explain why it is many firms are struggling to make their executive learning and development work Getting managers ready to take up or extend executive responsibilities has always been important but never easy. Over 90% of companies consider executive learning and development (L&D) key to their long-term success…

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The Disappearing Classroom

Michael Desiderio describes how new technology is knocking down the walls of the Executive MBA. Expectations of today’s business leaders are higher than ever, including the intense pressure to make profits appear in less time with fewer resources. So when they turn to a business school or similar to bolster their leadership knowledge and help…

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Inciting Exciting Insights

Julie Davies looks back on five years of the International Deans’ Programme, a joint initiative between the Association of Business Schools and EFMD. Do business school deans take their own medicine? How do they make a difference? What keeps them sane? These are just some of the questions the International Deans’ Programme (IDP) seeks to…

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