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Threat or opportunity?

Hamid Bouchikhi wonders if Western business schools will find the rapid growth of business education in emerging countries a happy hunting ground or a potential threat to their current supremacy Most Western business schools have seen the development of affluent segments of the population in emerging countries as a golden opportunity. Virtually all are actively courting well-off…

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Growing talent in growth countries

Novartis and EFMD share research and ‘best practices’ for developing and managing talent in emerging markets. Novartis Corporation and EFMD recently hosted a leadership and talent development workshop in Basel, Switzerland. The event brought together learning leaders from different industries and corporate business schools. Together they shared best practices for leadership and talent development in…

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What Does It Mean To Be An “African” Business School?

Piet Naudé describes how a rethink of African business schools could impact global business education. A business school that happens to be located in Africa has to ask a few tough questions to unpack its “adjective” status. To call a business school “African” can mean quitea number of things. The sometimes hidden assumption underlying discussions…

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Business And Management Education For The Future: An Emergent Model for China

The need for renewed approaches to business and management research and teaching has been intensively discussed. Dajian Zhu and Anders Aspling analyse the implications of this for management education in China. Business education began as an organised and focused activity in the early 19th century, first in France and then, towards the end of that…

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Building Leaders Through International Development

Matthew Farmer sheds new insights on how skills-based volunteering overseas can help build tomorrow’s global leaders. “Tell me and I will forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I will learn” Benjamin Franklin Benjamin Franklin’s words have never resonated more truthfully. The growth of experiential learning and frameworks such as 70:20:10 are…

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