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Digital Augmented Education – Are you ready to experiment?


Chengyi Lin looks back on the so far somewhat chequered history of technology in management education but is sanguine about its future.    In 2018, total registered learners in the top MOOC platforms passed the 100 million mark. The total number of online courses was over 11,400. Roughly 18.2% of the courses are business-related, a…

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Sustainable education


Antonia Lütgens describes how an education geared to sustainability is proving itself as sustainable.   Many business schools are now numbered among the 730 global signatories of the United Nations’ PRME initiative. PRME aims to raise the profile of sustainability – including equipping students around the globe with a deeper understanding and better-developed skills to…

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Robots and the Law

An online international knowledge sharing case study – exchanging UK-South African legal cultures. By Beth Richards-Bray, Alan East, Stephen Hardy and Stephan van der Merwe. In 2017, Coventry University in the UK established the Coventry Law School Advocacy Project in partnership with the Central England Law Centre. This move enables students to represent clients in…

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From A to Z

Reference dictionary Corporate learning for the digital world The global technological revolution is transforming business models and the way we think about management. Is the learning and development community ready to face the changes? By Valery Katkalo, Martin Moehrle, Dmitry Volkov. We live in an era in which digital technologies are integrated into virtually all…

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7 questions to ask before joining an online programme

Paul Hunter provides an insider’s guide to the questions you need to ask before signing up for an online programme – and the answers you need to hear. Q1: Will this programme help me in my career? Unscrupulous providers, keen to get your credit card number, will undoubtedly respond with a resounding yes. However, this…

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The digital revolution in management education

Nowhere is the impact of digital technology more apparent – and important – than executive education custom programmes. Olga Alonso Pelegrín and Sergio Vasquez Bronfman investigate the implications, particularly the use of ‘blended’ teaching One area undergoing a true digital revolution in Executive Education is custom/bespoke programmes, since this is where technology is making a very deep impact in response to…

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Digital learning: How to train for long-term impact

David Pontoppidan and David Everhart say that a solid understanding of the basics of learning is now in place and technological aids are increasingly available. Now is the time to put them together into blended learning journeys that deliver high and lasting impact Globally, the return on investment from e-learning is fading. In 2016, global revenues for self-paced e-learning reached…

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Stacking the odds

Stackable programmes and courses deliver flexibility and options to the market and allow universities to unlock their breadth of knowledge. Paul Kofman describes a quiet revolution Technological disruption affects every sector of the economy including education. From TEDx talks on YouTube to edX MOOCs and Udacity nanodegrees, the mode of delivery is increasingly online. Just as FinTech lowered the bar on…

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EOCCS Symposium 2017

Ginny Gibson analyses the first EOCCS Symposium, where over 50 delegates from business schools and other corporate organisations that have achieved or are working towards EOCCS accreditation, shared their views Ginny Gibson analyses the first EOCCS Symposium, where over 50 delegates from business schools and other corporate organisations that have achieved or are working towards…

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Building a global presence

Julia Balogun describes how commitment and a successful partnership are helping a UK management school anchor and build its diverse online masters programmes The University of Liverpool and its partner US-based Laureate Online Education, have been delivering online programmes worldwide since 2001. Over the last decade international education has grown in size and stature at…

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Digital Learning 2.0

After the scurry of educational providers rushing into the breach and scrambling to be part of MOOC mania, the hype has all but dissipated. Paul Hunter explains why MOOCs (massive open online courses) undoubtedly have their place for disciplined and curious individuals with an iron will, available time and a natural predisposition to persevere. However, for time-stretched executives…

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Embracing blended learning

Krzysztof Rybinski and Erik Sootla show how a business school in Kazakhstan learned to embrace innovation in the classroom Digital innovations over the past two decades have started a revolution in higher education. Through e-learning platforms students now have access to high-quality online courses at zero or low cost compared to standard university tuition. We…

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Net gains

The EFMD Online Course Certification System (EOCCS) management team provides an update on EOCCS’ progress, lessons from its Pilot Phase and shows how EOCCS is working in practice. By Stephanie Lambert, Anne Swanberg and Antonia Lütgens “EOCCS represents an important step in increasing awareness of the specific capabilities needed to design, create and support highquality…

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The future is blended

Santiago Iniguez explains why business schools and corporations must accommodate the increasing role of technology in education Technology, in parallel with developments in cognitive psychology and education sciences, is producing a formidable paradigm shift in the learning process and the mission of educators and, of course, in business schools. Traditionally, the objective of education has been standardisation: to teach students the “three…

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Embrace disruption

Why universities are under threat? What do they need to do if they are to survive? Mark Farrell and John A Davis argue that universities outside the elite must embrace disruption or succumb to it Barely surviving relegation in the previous season and against odds of 5,000 to 1, Leicester City won the English Premier…

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