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Harnessing disruption – a glimpse into the future


An innovative programme in Canada is showing how co-operation between academia and business can profit both. By Ralph Eastman.   There are few business sectors that are not being affected by disruptive technologies in one way or another. From web-based video changing how we access news and entertainment to 3D printing changing the way we…

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The challenge of change


Throughout history people have thought that theirs was a truly transformative time. In hindsight they were often wrong but, says Bert van der Zwaan, now there are reasons to believe that the world of higher education at least is changing more profoundly than ever.   As an institution the university is being forced to adapt…

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Disrupting the curriculum

Business students should be more knowledgeable about new technologies say, Mukul Kumar and Johan Roos. Business schools need to accelerate how they enable students to partner with engineers and scientists, bring tech-driven innovations to market in responsible ways, and understand the evolving applications of disruptive technologies in society.   STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics)…

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