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Innovation in Leadership – Introduction


You need to think again about how you develop your leaders. Here are the reasons why.   The EFMD Special Interest Group (SIG) “Innovation in Leadership” was set up in 2018 and has pulled together 12 large European companies and paired them with Hult Business School to examine what is happening to leadership development in…

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The Power of Ecosystems


Richard Straub tracks the growing interest in ecosystems and their profound implications for management education and research and development.    By spotting emerging trends, managers could act on and shape these forces to the benefit of wider society.   Peter Drucker always said that his interest in management was an offshoot of his preoccupation with…

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The challenge of change


Throughout history people have thought that theirs was a truly transformative time. In hindsight they were often wrong but, says Bert van der Zwaan, now there are reasons to believe that the world of higher education at least is changing more profoundly than ever.   As an institution the university is being forced to adapt…

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The trigger for institutional change

Zita Zoltay Paprika, Dean of the Corvinus Business School, Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary & Metka Tekavčič, Dean of the Faculty of Economics (FELU), University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.   Business schools have been one of the success stories of higher education over the past 50 years, as Howard Thomas has noted, Singapore Management University, 2017. However,…

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Learning for agility, with agility

How a leading Greek business school redesigned its executive programmes to reflect and respond to today’s rapidly changing environment. By Kostas Axarloglou and Marina Gryllaki.   In a disruptive and non-linear world, where the present is drastically different from the past, what is important or meaningful or valuable today will not be so tomorrow. Companies…

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EFMD leadership programmes

Nadine Burquel provides a comprehensive guide to EFMD’s leading programmes for personal and professional development EFMD leadership programmes support business schools with organisational development and individual leaders and managers with personal and professional development. Of the programmes briefly covered in this article, three programmes specifically address professionals who are new to their jobs while three…

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Forward-looking leadership development – Valmet and IMD

– GOLD WINNER OF THE 2018 EXCELLENCE IN PRACTICE AWARDS – In 2014, Valmet – a new organisation born out of a de-merger in the seemingly unsexy, unwanted industry of capital equipment and services for the pulp, paper and energy industries – sought to make the most of its leadership development programmes. How? By turning the…

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A globally-recognised model for leadership development – TELUS and Gustavson School of Business, University of Victoria

– SILVER WINNER OF THE 2018 EXCELLENCE IN PRACTICE AWARDS – How Canadian collaboration between industry and higher education became a globally recognised model for leadership development. Early days Flashback to 2013. TELUS, Canada’s fastest-growing telecommunications company, was facing a conundrum. Changes in the telecommunications industry and technology-driven advancements in education delivery were leading the company…

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The Business of Business Schools

Kai Peters, Howard Thomas and Rick Smith suggest that while much has been written about business schools from historical and critical perspectives not enough has emerged from an additional viewpoint – the lens of the business of business schools. One can use any number of lenses to analyse the development of business schools over the…

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Creating the resilient business school

Ulrich Hommel and Ben Woods argue that business schools should look beyond conventional risk management systems to the strategic build-up of organisational resilience Business schools (and their parent universities) have made significant strides in recent years towards establishing sound risk management systems. They are more proficient in defining their appetite and tolerance for risk and…

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Paradoxes of business schools

Marianne Lewis argues that deans need to adopt a ‘paradox’ approach towards the tensions involved in leading a business school Tensions pervade schools as they do industry, wider society and our personal lives. Consider a common priority list of a business school dean: Build an academic institution that creates knowledge, inspires learning and impacts practice…

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Happy anniversary?

What’s the point of a business school anniversary? ‘Re-membering’ and re-energising for the next one according to Julie Davies and David Buisson Although universities represent some of the aworld’s oldest continually operating organisations (the University of Karueein was founded in 859 in Fez, Morocco), business schools are relative newcomers with more recent birthdays. (ESCP Europe claims to…

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The ideal model

Eugenia Bieto describes how a leading Spanish business school has responded to a paradigm shift in management education L’avenir a plusieurs noms. Pour les faibles, il se nomme l’impossible; pour les timides, il se nomme l’inconnu; pour les penseurs et pour les vaillants, il se nomme l’idéal.* *The future has many names. For the weak, it is called the…

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Getting university brand management right

Brand management is one of the most complex management challenges for leaders of business schools and business universities. Thomas Bieger and Patrik Sonderegger chronical how University of St.Gallen in Switzerland approached the issue The globalisation of the education sector and increasing competition in higher education means that brands have increasingly become a strategic asset to…

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Building Better Business Schools

The contemporary purpose of a business school is to develop and enhance the individual’s and the collective’s abilities to innovate. That means not merely creating, inventing, and imagining but also commercialising products and services and contributing to new theoretical knowledge. More speci cally, to achieve positive impact the role of business schools is to create…

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