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UN PRME and Emerging Economies

Business schools from emerging economies need to embrace UN PRME, argues Umesh Mukhi, and suggests some ways they could do it. One of the most important questions asked among management […]

Moving on from Rio

Last year’s Rio+20 UN summit may have been something of a disappointment but there were still some significant and positive outcomes say Anthony Buono, Jean-Christophe Carteron and Matthew Gitsham. A […]

The Socially Responsible Business School: Corporate Compromise or Competitive Advantage?

David Oglethorpe argues that business schools need to embrace social responsibility more enthusiastically than they have done so far. Last year’s EFMD publication Securing the Future of Management Education by […]

Fulfilling the Needs of Business Students

As the Asian economy develops and the environment changes, Alison Lloyd suggests there is a need to bring about a renewal of business education. Business schools are often criticised for […]

EFMD-GlobalFocus Mag

Embedding Values

Mark Moody-Stuart examines the difficulties of ensuring that the right values are agreed, understood and truly embedded in a large multicultural business organisation. I once attended a large dinner and […]

EFMD & Business: Making Real Progress in Sustainable Development

EFMD is proud to announce the publication of The Sustainable Business: Resource-Life Extension, the newest addition to its portfolio of sustainability based education and training materials. Available as a free […]

Innovation in Action

John North and Anders Aspling detail the work of the first GRLI Management Education Innovation Cohort. In May 2013 a group of deans and directors of business schools and corporate […]

Rethinking Enterprise

Philippe de Woot, in an article based on his latest book, argues that economic actions based on ethical and political dimensions are increasingly essential. If there is a key trend […]

How many business schools does it take to change the world?

Danielle Steele and Liane Weitert describe how six business schools from around the world have joined forces to make the idea of applied interaction a reality. In 2010, Dr Pierre […]

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