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Hardwiring social responsibility and sustainable innovation in the DNA


– SILVER WINNER OF THE 2019 EXCELLENCE IN PRACTICE AWARDS – Thailand is facing the challenge of innovating in the global economy while suffering severe structural inequality, an ageing population and poor governance. However, Thai businesses know well that more needs to be done to boost human capital, broaden access to education and skills, and ensure…

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Positive learning on carbon neutrality


A leading Canadian school helps students to live their sustainable curriculum. By Simon Pek, Rick Cotton and Mackenzie Ford.   Growing a world-class, competitive business school and being a leader in sustainability may seem like two juxtaposed goals but the University of Victoria’s Peter B Gustavson School of Business, in Victoria, BC, has found a…

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Be conscious!

Launched in 2012 by Ben Emmens and Abi Green, the Conscious Project has one clear aim: to help individuals and organisations think about what they are doing, and do it better or, in other words, to be more conscious.   The Conscious Project works with organisations that seek to be more conscious, those who want…

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Building a human rights framework for business education

Businesses face an increasing range of human rights issues that can directly impact their core business strategies. But, argue Dorothée Baumann-Pauly and Michael Posner, business education needs to catch up with this emerging field At last year’s EFMD annual conference in Berlin, Germany, Paolo Boccardelli, dean of LUISS Business School and the conference co-chair, outlined 10 global trends that will have an…

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Moving on from Rio

Last year’s Rio+20 UN summit may have been something of a disappointment but there were still some significant and positive outcomes say Anthony Buono, Jean-Christophe Carteron and Matthew Gitsham. A little over a year ago, roughly 50,000 people – government leaders, corporate executives and civil society groups including NGOs, youth movements and higher education institutes…

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UN PRME and Emerging Economies

Business schools from emerging economies need to embrace UN PRME, argues Umesh Mukhi, and suggests some ways they could do it. One of the most important questions asked among management educators in the last five years has been “how can business schools change their practices?” The United Nations Principle for Responsible Education (UN PRME) initiative…

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Cadres for the Common Good

The 50+20 vision has ignited a flame that illuminates a path towards the future of management education. John North and Hamid Bouchikhi describe the latest steps on the journey. With the dry winter months encroaching on large parts of sub-Saharan Africa it is not uncommon to spot and often smell wildfires or veld fires as…

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Fit for Purpose: Putting Sustainability into Practice in a Business School

David Grayson provides more detail on how Cranfield School of Management in Britain is incorporating sustainability. There has been an increasingly vocal debate in recent years about whether management education is fit for purpose. The publication of the 50plus20 report in June 2012 by an international group of business school academics published under the auspices…

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Teaching Sustainability to Tomorrow’s Leaders

How can we make managers globally responsible leaders attuned to the needs of sustainability? CB Bhattacharya explains how one school is trying. The clamour for business schools to educate their graduates not only as managers but also as responsible leaders is increasing in volume. There is a cry for academics and executives to change mindsets…

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50+20 Offers a Clear Vision

Can business schools present a new vision of management education for the world? Katrin Mufff believes that through the 50+20 initiative they can. The World Business School Council of Sustainable Business, WBSCSB was founded at;the Academy of Management in August 2010 as a think tank. We intended it to serve as a platform for action…

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Gradualism Prevails and Perception Outbids Substance

Ulrich Hommel, Mollie Painter-Morland and Jocelyne Wang summarise the results of the Third EFMD/EABIS Global Deans Survey on ‘Sustainability and the Future of Management Education’. Business schools play a key role in driving the sustainability agenda within management practice. They do so not only by shaping and preparing the next generation of business leaders but…

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Looking on the Bright Side

Raymond Saner and Lichia Yiu argue that despite worrying times, initiatives such as the sustainable development goals, responsible business conduct and business diplomacy management can provide a winning formula for shared prosperity We easily get overpowered today by bad news, ranging from terrorist attacks through desperate mass migration to deep-seated corruption in business and politics.…

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Sustainable Business

The world is facing many complex issues that threaten our collective wellbeing and prosperity. Cecilie Hultmann asks how these risks will affect the future business landscape. And can they be turned into opportunities for business innovation? Despite the tremendous progress seen over the past century in many aspects of human development, our current economic, political…

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Responsible Innovation: the Entrepreneurial Imperative

Philippe de Woot argues that we need to transform our creativity into real progress for humankind, and shows how social innovation can open the door for new methods and practices. Innovation and creativity are essential to the dynamism of an economy. Faced with the growth of emerging countries, the competitiveness of developed countries mainly depends…

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