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Innovation in Leadership – Introduction


You need to think again about how you develop your leaders. Here are the reasons why.   The EFMD Special Interest Group (SIG) “Innovation in Leadership” was set up in 2018 and has pulled together 12 large European companies and paired them with Hult Business School to examine what is happening to leadership development in…

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The training delusion: the man who thought Play-Doh was for cleaning walls


  Here’s a funny story: Several years ago I worked on a “Change Leadership” programme aimed at improving the ability of leaders in a big organisation to lead change. We designed a programme with a number of digital and project-based learning elements. A change model was introduced that delegates would have to then apply in…

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Harnessing disruption – a glimpse into the future


An innovative programme in Canada is showing how co-operation between academia and business can profit both. By Ralph Eastman.   There are few business sectors that are not being affected by disruptive technologies in one way or another. From web-based video changing how we access news and entertainment to 3D printing changing the way we…

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The new realities of corporate learning

Martin Moehrle, Associate Director of Corporate Services, EFMD.   Corporate training departments were established in the early 20th century, at first to enable the workforce to masterwork processes to deliver quality products; then, later, as corporate learning functions, to pursue one or more of the following objectives: • Supporting individuals in improving their performance and…

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The flat tyre of Open Thinking

Dan Pontefract chronicles a cautionary tale of a major US company that forgot its commitment to Open Thinking and paid a heavy price.   Good thinking is required by all of us if we wish to explore new landscapes or decide how to travel from point A to B. If your thinking style is closed —…

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From A to Z

Reference dictionary Corporate learning for the digital world The global technological revolution is transforming business models and the way we think about management. Is the learning and development community ready to face the changes? By Valery Katkalo, Martin Moehrle, Dmitry Volkov. We live in an era in which digital technologies are integrated into virtually all…

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Digital learning: How to train for long-term impact

David Pontoppidan and David Everhart say that a solid understanding of the basics of learning is now in place and technological aids are increasingly available. Now is the time to put them together into blended learning journeys that deliver high and lasting impact Globally, the return on investment from e-learning is fading. In 2016, global revenues for self-paced e-learning reached…

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Insights from an EFMD corporate member survey

Learning and development specialists suggest that the learning function is purposefully evolving from a learning provider to a learning enabler, Martin Moehrle reports. How work is organised today was largely shaped during the industrial age of the 20th century. This includes labour law and management practice but also our understanding of learning and development (L&D).…

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Lifelong learning

The most effective way to deal with change and profit from it, says Annabel Short, is to accept it and embrace the need for lifelong learning You might not like it but change will happen. And often, changes happen quickly – sometimes overnight. In the professional world, this is most commonly seen in areas such…

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Towards a marketplace approach to managing talent

To be successful, organisations and individuals need to transform jointly from a stable to an agile world. Agile organisational structures will be fuelled by agile talent, embracing and thriving in new dynamic environments. By Martin Moehrle In the October 2016 issue of Global Focus, I shared my view that while talent management practices have extensively matured over…

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What keeps you awake at night?

The question of whether talent management is working would be high on a list for many CEOs and corporate leaders. Martin Moehrle analyses the present state of talent management “Talent management” consistently features on the what keeps you awake at night? list of CEOs and other corporate leaders. At about the turn of the millennium, the term became fashionable (though occasionally…

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Three myths are weakening the development of executive learning, Winfried Ruigrok and Georg Gutmann explain why it is many firms are struggling to make their executive learning and development work Getting managers ready to take up or extend executive responsibilities has always been important but never easy. Over 90% of companies consider executive learning and development (L&D) key to their long-term success…

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How will your company cope with the 100-year life?

Andrew Scott, Professor of Economics at London Business School, explains why future generations of people living to 100 will completely change how we work and live. By Rob Morris Medical advances, improved living and working conditions and greater wealth among the middle classes have boosted life expectancy in developed nations. But while younger people can expect to outlive their parents and grandparents,…

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High Impact: Improving the Impact of Corporate Education Programmes

Employee training and development is essential. But how can companies ensure it is effective and worthwhile? Lindsay Ryan provides some guidelines. Most organisations realise they need to spend money on employee training and development but few of them optimise their programmes and return on training expenditure. Even organisations among those highly regarded for investing in…

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