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Collaborate for success and sustainability

David Grayson explains the dramatic growth of the quantity and quality of business collaboration linked to sustainable development.   Sustainability is “the primary moral and economic imperative of the 21st century,” according to Mervyn King, a former governor of the Bank of England. It is also considered to be “one of the most important sources…

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An infinite loop: Management and research-in-action

It is time for a new, coordinated and collaborative approach to management research say Andrea Cuomo, Yves Doz, Mikko Kosonen, Christophe Midler and José Santos.    Michael Porter and Nitin Nohria, respectively University Professor and Dean of the Harvard Business School, after years of survey research into the role of CEOs, state unequivocally: “surprisingly little…

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How partnerships can add a competitive advantage

Stuart Robinson explains how one UK business school has found that partnerships can lead to increased differentiation in a competitive market Business schools are continually under pressure to differentiate in answering questions frequently asked by prospective students such as “why should I study for an MBA; why is your school different from all the others;…

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