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Stepping into the role of the dean

Rolf D. Cremer describes EFMD’s innovative Strategic Leadership Programme for Deans   Stepping into the role of the dean Hardly anybody embarks on the long, difficult and actually quite risky path […]

Robots and the Law

An online international knowledge sharing case study – exchanging UK-South African legal cultures. By Beth Richards-Bray, Alan East, Stephen Hardy and Stephan van der Merwe   In 2017, Coventry University […]

From A to Z

Corporate learning for the digital world The global technological revolution is transforming business models and the way we think about management. Is the learning and development community ready to face […]

Why language matters

There is a gap between language-sensitive IB research and international management education. Philippe Lecomte calls for increased research and an interdisciplinary approach to the subject   In the past three […]

Beyond the trinity

For the past 50 years business schools have focused on teaching the unholy trinity of strategy, leadership and change. But Philip Glanfield, George Binney and Gerhard Wilke describe a case […]

Monocities: a long journey of transformation – Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO and Monocities Development Fund

– GOLD WINNER OF THE 2018 EXCELLENCE IN PRACTICE AWARDS – How the SKOLKOVO business school and Monocities Development Fund went about solving a nationwide problem and bringing new life to […]

The Business of Business Schools

Kai Peters, Howard Thomas and Rick Smith suggest that while much has been written about business schools from historical and critical perspectives not enough has emerged from an additional viewpoint […]

Seven drivers of learning

While educators are facing an onslaught of new technologies and ways of teaching, Arun Pereira and John Mullins argue that there are seven simple but well-established drivers of learning that, […]

Paradoxes of business schools

Marianne Lewis argues that deans need to adopt a ‘paradox’ approach towards the tensions involved in leading a business school Tensions pervade schools as they do industry, wider society and […]

Creating the resilient business school

Ulrich Hommel and Ben Woods argue that business schools should look beyond conventional risk management systems to the strategic build-up of organisational resilience Business schools (and their parent universities) have […]

Does education guarantee knowledge?

It cannot be assumed that education automatically confers learning, qualification and greater wisdom, says Mats Alvesson. In fact, if we look at higher education in a broader perspective, the picture […]

Making international collaboration work

International collaboration presents both opportunity and challenge. Simon Mercado and Julie Perrin Halot show how it can be managed and add value to organisations and their stakeholders International Collaborative Provision (ICP) is […]

Happy anniversary?

What’s the point of a business school anniversary? ‘Re-membering’ and re-energising for the next one according to Julie Davies and David Buisson Although universities represent some of the aworld’s oldest continually operating […]

Using analytics to create a better world

Anne Vaxelaire explains how QTEM, a network of global academic institutions and international businesses, is training students to handle ‘big data’ and to become open-minded and strong leaders Big data […]

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