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Take control – seven steps for crisis communications in business schools


Thomas Bieger and Ulrich Schmid outline a straightforward approach to dealing with the increasing challenge posed by print and online media Excessive travel expenses; professors with conflicts of interest between private consulting and research; misconduct of alumni in management positions; offenses against scientific integrity; students questioning the political correctness of professors in classroom discussions. These…

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Rise by lifting others

Kenneth Mikkelsen outlines how a leading Indian company has engaged in a global conversation about why it exists and how it affects people’s lives and society generally There is a growing hunger for purpose. People want personal relationships with humane, honest and value-driven companies. As cultures shift so must organisations that aspire to remain relevant, motivate their workforce…

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Getting university brand management right

Brand management is one of the most complex management challenges for leaders of business schools and business universities. Thomas Bieger and Patrik Sonderegger chronical how University of St.Gallen in Switzerland approached the issue The globalisation of the education sector and increasing competition in higher education means that brands have increasingly become a strategic asset to…

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‘Brexit means…’

UK business schools are facing a perfect storm with transformational policy reforms in the Higher Education and Research Bill and uncertainties following the Brexit referendum. Julie Davies, a long-time London resident, and Kimmo Alajoutsijärvi and Kerttu Kettunen, from Finland, reflect on prospects for London’s business schools Location still matters for business school students who want to experience the excitement of…

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Survival of the Fittest: the New World Order in Education

The education market has never been more buoyant. But that also means more change and new challenges to traditional business schools. If they do not respond, says Richard Taylor, they may face extinction. The world is changing at a faster rate than we have ever witnessed. The education sector is benefiting from increasing advances in…

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Developing an International Brand

Most business schools will say they are international. Are they really? Andrew Crisp and Joanne Hession provide a checklist for both schools and potential students. The recent CarringtonCrisp major study “See the Future” reported that 68% of respondent students are interested in studying abroad while 89% of all managers and directors agree that “good business…

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