All posts in Vol.11 Issue 02 – ’17: Digital Age Learning

Digital Age Learning

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Why Digital Age Learning is important

– By Nigel Paine – In the current Global Human Capital Trends report, which Deloitte has produced for the last five years, the focus has exclusively turned to “rewriting the rules […]

What is Digital Age Learning?

– By Regis Chasse – We live in the information age (aka the digital age), which is a period in human history characterised by a shift from industrial production to […]

Siemens Global Learning Campus: The Siemens Learning World

– By Kai Liebert – Siemens offers its employees and managers throughout the world many diverse opportunities to develop their skills. Topics include Siemens products, specialist knowledge and methodology and businessspecific […]

Organisational design for a socially dynamic organisation

– By Julian Stodd – The Socially Dynamic Organisation is evolved: it is strong not simply through formal hierarchy, infrastructure and governance but rather through innovation, agility and the strength of […]

What if you had satellite navigation – for everything?

– By Nick Shackleton-Jones – There’s a popular saying What got you here, won’t get you there. Today this is nowhere as true as it is in training. The world […]

10 Reasons for Social Leadership

– By  Julian Stodd – As we move ever further into the Social Age, those mechanisms of power and control that got us this far will not be enough to […]

Steps on the way to omni-learning

– By Peppe Auricchio – Corporate learning’s transformation is being announced across all channels, and with increasing vociferousness. Practitioners and experts alike warn that the way employees learn today is nothing […]

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