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Vol.11 Issue 02 – ’17: Digital Age Learning

Steps on the way to omni-learning

– By Peppe Auricchio – Corporate learning’s transformation is being announced across all channels, and with increasing vociferousness. Practitioners and experts alike warn that the way employees learn today is nothing like the learning of old – and hence, that disruption is upon us. This disruption, they say, concerns both the learning experience and the learning…

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10 Reasons for Social Leadership

– By  Julian Stodd – As we move ever further into the Social Age, those mechanisms of power and control that got us this far will not be enough to get us the rest of the way: alongside hierarchy and system, we need community and trust, and those will be earned through developing strong Social…

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What if you had satellite navigation – for everything?

– By Nick Shackleton-Jones – There’s a popular saying What got you here, won’t get you there. Today this is nowhere as true as it is in training. The world of courses, competencies and certification is rapidly evaporating – replaced by a new ecosystem of resources, guidance and ratings. As automation advances it consumes the…

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Organisational design for a socially dynamic organisation

– By Julian Stodd – The Socially Dynamic Organisation is evolved: it is strong not simply through formal hierarchy, infrastructure and governance but rather through innovation, agility and the strength of its communities. It is fundamentally reimagined from those organisations that came before: no longer a remnant of Victorian architectures of power and control but rather…

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Siemens Global Learning Campus: The Siemens Learning World

– By Kai Liebert – Siemens offers its employees and managers throughout the world many diverse opportunities to develop their skills. Topics include Siemens products, specialist knowledge and methodology and businessspecific and process-specific expertise. Employees across the world can access learning programmes via intranet portals, reach agreements with their managers on learning measures to be taken…

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What is Digital Age Learning?

– By Regis Chasse – We live in the information age (aka the digital age), which is a period in human history characterised by a shift from industrial production to information and computerisation, changing significantly how people interact with businesses and each other. Today, information is readily available and free. The democratisation of access to…

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Why Digital Age Learning is important

– By Nigel Paine – In the current Global Human Capital Trends report, which Deloitte has produced for the last five years, the focus has exclusively turned to “rewriting the rules for the digital age”. In the Preface, the authors defend this focus by claiming that “in an age of disruption business and HR leaders are…

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