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The flat tyre of Open Thinking

Dan Pontefract chronicles a cautionary tale of a major US company that forgot its commitment to Open Thinking and paid a heavy price     Good thinking is required by all […]

Stepping into the role of the dean

Rolf D. Cremer describes EFMD’s innovative Strategic Leadership Programme for Deans   Stepping into the role of the dean Hardly anybody embarks on the long, difficult and actually quite risky path […]

A Matter of Trust

Fast-changing technology and some dubious business practices are eroding customer and public trust, especially in the finance sector. Paul Kofman suggests some remedies   Growing up in a small rural […]

A new leadership lens to navigate complexity

Sharon Olivier, Viki Holton, Kerrie Fleming and Frederick Hölscher describe Ego, Eco and Intuitive leadership – three capabilities that managers can deploy to successfully navigate complex problems   When, according […]

EFMD leadership programmes

Nadine Burquel provides a comprehensive guide to EFMD’s leading programmes for personal and professional development   EFMD leadership programmes support business schools with organisational development and individual leaders and managers […]

Robots and the Law

An online international knowledge sharing case study – exchanging UK-South African legal cultures. By Beth Richards-Bray, Alan East, Stephen Hardy and Stephan van der Merwe   In 2017, Coventry University […]

From A to Z

Corporate learning for the digital world The global technological revolution is transforming business models and the way we think about management. Is the learning and development community ready to face […]

Kindness in leadership

‘Kindness’ is seldom mentioned as a desirable leadership trait in MBA or executive programmes but it can have enormous benefits for organisations. Gay Haskins and Lalit Johri argue that it’s […]

7 questions to ask before joining an online programme

Paul Hunter provides an insider’s guide to the questions you need to ask before signing up for an online programme – and the answers you need to hear   Q1: […]

Is your business school fit for the world of AI?

The impact of technology, already hugely significant, is about to become even more intense. Prabhu Guptara asks if business schools are ready   In January 2018, I started a research […]

Why language matters

There is a gap between language-sensitive IB research and international management education. Philippe Lecomte calls for increased research and an interdisciplinary approach to the subject   In the past three […]

Beyond the trinity

For the past 50 years business schools have focused on teaching the unholy trinity of strategy, leadership and change. But Philip Glanfield, George Binney and Gerhard Wilke describe a case […]

The impact of BSIS

Ramon O’Callaghan and José Varejão outline the positive effects of a BSIS study   Unlike most universities, Portugal’s University of Porto has delegated its mission to educate future business leaders […]

Is this the end of strategy as we know it?

Strategy is changing rapidly in response to a volatile environment but, Martin Friesl argues, that is making it more important than ever   A “fleet” metaphor is symptomatic of today’s corporate […]

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