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The Power of Ecosystems


Richard Straub tracks the growing interest in ecosystems and their profound implications for management education and research and development.    By spotting emerging trends, managers could act on and shape these forces to the benefit of wider society.   Peter Drucker always said that his interest in management was an offshoot of his preoccupation with…

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Managing Complexity: an Idea Whose Time Has Come

Richard Straub explains why we now need to tackle the complexity of business. We may have different visions about thefuture. Few, however, would doubt that the world has become more complex in recent decades and that it continues this journey at an accelerating and—for many of us—unsettling pace. With digitisation, the interconnectivity between people and…

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New Horizons

Capitalism 2.0 – new horizons for managers Richard Straub in defence of a capitalism rejuvenated. The world has been shattered by a series of crises since the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008: the near shattering of the world financial system followed by a severe economic downturn across the advanced economies and the surfacing of…

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Building the New Entrepreneurial Society

Richard Straub explains why ‘getting back to normal’ is no longer an option Since the financial crash of 2008 the world has been struggling to “get back to normal”. But, to quote Charles Handy, “the past is not the future”. And as Albert Einstein famously put it: “the significant problems we face cannot be solved…

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Management’s Second Curve

Management has served us well. Since the Industrial Revolution it has paved the way for a sustained and accelerating rise in living standards unheard of and unforeseen. But with the ‘digital revolution’, we are entering a new era where the logic of industrial-age organisation has lost its purchase. It is time to reinvent it, says…

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The Great Transformation

Richard Straub on why, with gigantic changes in society, managers will be of pivotal importance for shaping the future. We are at the beginning of a set of gigantic changes in society –for better or for worse. The future is open; nobody knows what it will hold. One thing we know says Richard Straub: on…

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