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A conversation with Nick Lovegrove

David Grayson talks to the author of The Mosaic Principle and a key speaker at EFMD’s Conference for Deans & Directors General, Munich, January 2018. Nick Lovegrove is an author, […]

Fit for Purpose: Putting Sustainability into Practice in a Business School

David Grayson provides more detail on how Cranfield School of Management in Britain is incorporating sustainability. There has been an increasingly vocal debate in recent years about whether management education […]

Taking the Headache Out of Managing Part-time Faculty

Professor Francis has a headache; in fact a number of headaches. As Deputy Dean of Programmes in a well-credentialed business school, he manages a core of full-time faculty and a […]


Social Interpreneurship and The Jazz Age

Social intrapreneurs are rarely individual heroes but more like jazz musicians jamming in a group. But sometimes, say David Grayson, Melody McLaren and Heika Spitzeck, they need even bigger groups […]

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