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The flat tyre of Open Thinking

Dan Pontefract chronicles a cautionary tale of a major US company that forgot its commitment to Open Thinking and paid a heavy price.   Good thinking is required by all of us if we wish to explore new landscapes or decide how to travel from point A to B. If your thinking style is closed —…

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Time to think again

Creativity needs space and time to flourish, says Dan Pontefract. Being too busy harms this. Too often it gets lost in status quo thinking. We have to make the time to rethink how we think Sweden’s Astrid Lindgren was a literary giant who changed the game of authoring. Through the introduction of an anti-authoritarian adventurer,…

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Redefining The Organisation

‘Robber Baron’ or ‘Robin Hood’? Dan Pontefract argues that some, if not many, organisations have forgotten what they once stood for. It is time, he says, to review, refocus, recreate and thus redefine their true purpose. The purpose of an organisation (and business itself) has long been discussed. Some leaders— firmly ensconced on the far…

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Eureka. The New Corporate MBA

Dan Pontefract demonstrates how true partnership between business and academia can create learning opportunities that benefit an organisation, its employees and the academic institution itself. Innovation is an interesting concept. For many people it presupposes a “aha” or “eureka” moment in order for something new to have been created. Others (wrongly) pronounce ad nauseam that…

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