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See the Future

Andrew Crisp outlines how business schools can plan ahead. Five years is a long time in business education. In February 2013, Professor Clayton Christensen at Harvard Business School stated: “I think higher education is just on the edge of the crevasse. Generally, universities are doing very well financially, so they don’t feel from the data…

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The Future is Out There

Andrew Crisp reports on a major new study that explores the future challenges facing business schools. Turmoil is probably too strong a word but “uncertain” may not be strong enough to describe the landscape that business schools are operating in today. Much has been written and many conference speeches given about the impact on business…

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What Alumni Want

Alumni can be a great resource to help a business school’s marketing messages. But, says Andrew Crisp, they must be properly motivated to do so. As a high-flying executive in an international business with an MBA degree, what do you yearn for – reducedprice tickets to a theme park? Probably not, though that was the…

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The Age of Uncertainty

The latest EFMD/CarringtonCrisp Tomorrow’s MBA survey shows an MBA marketplace that is more diverse, confused and uncertain than ever. Andrew Crisp reveals the details. Looking at my Twitter feeds one day earlier this year, I got a sense of the current MBA marketplace. In three tweets there was coverage of the winning entry in the…

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Keeping the Connection

Get the student experience right and you will probably have engaged alumni. Fail to do so and they may be lost for ever  say Andrew Crisp and Sarah Seedsman. The fourth Alumni Matters study run by  CarringtonCrisp and supported by EFMD  surveyed more than 6,000 alumni worldwide. The  study found that dissatisfaction with the student…

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