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The case for accreditation

Richard McCracken describes how writing and teaching cases can contribute to business schools achieving accreditation Business school accreditation is fast becoming a hot topic as the long-established criteria used to judge […]

The power of dreams

Building a solar-powered car and racing it on a Belgian racetrack in just 90 days seems a strange task for young students. But, say Manuel Acevedo-Jaramillo, Sara Aguilar-Barrientos and Juan […]

EFMD Excellence in Practice Awards 2016

The 2016 set of submissions was again of high quality and showed confirmation of a number of trends we have seen in the past few years: Impact-conscious It is, of […]

Cultural Change on a National Scale – the NHS Leadership Academy & Alliance Manchester Business School

– GOLD WINNER OF THE 2016 EXCELLENCE IN PRACTICE AWARDS – Trying to change the culture of any large organisation is always a significant challenge. Trying to do so across a £116 billion enterprise […]

Exploring Leadership – BG Group & Cranfield

– GOLD WINNER OF THE 2016 EXCELLENCE IN PRACTICE AWARDS – BG Group is an international gas exploration and production company recently acquired by Royal Dutch Shell. It employs about 5,000 people and operates in […]

Telstra Business Leadership Programme – Transforming Culture trough Connections

SILVER WINNER OF THE 2016 EXCELLENCE IN PRACTICE AWARDS Australia’s Telstra is in the midst of a massive transformation – put simply, it is “evolving from a telco to a techco,” […]

Addressing Live, Organisational Issues to Ensure Swarovski’s Future Success

– GOLD WINNER OF THE 2016 EXCELLENCE IN PRACTICE AWARDS – A collaboration between Swarovski and Ashridge has created a new Leadership Academy focused on expanding leadership capability, developing organisational agility […]

From Invention to Innovation: Atomic Intrapreneuship at Rosatom

– SILVER WINNER OF THE 2016 EXCELLENCE IN PRACTICE AWARDS – Once a mere buzzword, innovation has quickly become an integral part of business success. In the high-tech world the race for innovation has […]

Exclusivity at Scale and Speed: a Microsoft-INSEAD Online Innovation

– GOLD WINNER OF THE 2016 EXCELLENCE IN PRACTICE AWARDS – Microsoft’s “Mobile First, Cloud First” strategy, adopted in 2013, presented a major professional challenge to its global sales force. As […]

EpiVacPlus: Improving the performance of Immunisation Programmes through On-the-job Training and Technical Support

– SILVER WINNER OF THE 2016 EXCELLENCE IN PRACTICE AWARDS – World Health Organisation (WHO) sponsored programmes have succeeded in raising immunisation coverage in developing countries from 5% in the 1970s […]

EFMD Excellence in Practice Awards 2014

Excellence in Practice 2014 has once again proved to be a vintage year. The Awards continue to demonstrate high quality partnerships which has led us to give wider visibility to […]

Making the Case for Cases

Is there an irreconcilable separation between faculty who do research and those who concentrate on teaching? Mark Jenkins argues that world-class academics and thought leaders do both making the case […]

From Rational Strategies To Emotionally Rich Businesss Journeys: The Gas Natural Fenosa Case

Andrew Rutsch sheds light on the Spanish energy firm’s evolution to international sector leader. The shift from the industrial to the information age is on its way. After two world […]

EFMD Excellence in Practice Awards 2015

Impactful Partnerships in Learning & Development. The 2015 Excellence in Practice applications showcase the growing diversity in the Learning & Development landscape. Half of this year’s finalist partnerships, for example, […]

Busting boundaries to accelerate business transformation

Andrew Rutsch explains how a recent EFMD CLIP workshop shedded light on Siemens’ transformation from troubled company to role model. Andrew Rutsch explains how Corporate Learning played a key role […]