Re-organising the Political Economy


Capitalism has not failed nor is it in retreat. It is just an idea. But, argues Malcolm McIntosh, it is an idea, which in its current form, is in real […]

Management’s Second Curve


Management has served us well. Since the Industrial Revolution it has paved the way for a sustained and accelerating rise in living standards unheard of and unforeseen. But with the […]

Sustainable Value Delivery – Evidence is the Key


Every organisation wants to deliver value. But not all do. Andrew Kakabadse suggests that following the evidence is the success formula. Value delivery has been held as fundamental to the […]

Ask a Guru How to Build a Better Business School


What’s the formula for a great business school? Take some high-quality research, add in some exceptional faculty, mix with great international students and wrap in accreditation and rankings. If only […]

GMAC & EFMD – Admissions Institute for New Professionals Europe


EFMD & GMAC will be combining their admissions experience and business school need to launch the Admissions Institute for New Professionals (AINP) Europe. ( We will be recruiting admissions professionals, […]

Meet the ‘Teachsultants’ and the ‘Coachstructors’ – the Future of Executive Education


Business schools face major challenges if they are to profit from the growth of executive education. One way, says Santiago Iniguez, is to produce faculty with diverse and hybrid skills. […]

Survival of the Fittest: the New World Order in Education


The education market has never been more buoyant. But that also means more change and new challenges to traditional business schools. If they do not respond, says Richard Taylor, they […]

Building Business Schools for the Future


Jordi Díaz outlines three key challenges currently faced by established Western business schools. Recently I had the opportunity to take part in three conferences on business education held in three […]

Values, Belief and Attitudes: The Implications for Organisational Culture


Are we really getting more spiritual? And is this affecting business culture? Chris Baker, Peter Stokes and Jessica Lichy suggest we may be – and it is. In the fields […]

Creating Regional Impact in a Global Environment


Despite immense ongoing challenges, Karim Seghir describes how a business school in the Arab region is continuing its quest to make a positive impact on its locality. If the popular […]

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